Script Pets 2022-05-07

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.18
You need sk bee add on for this script to work.
There is an error on line 485 to spawn a toast rabbit I don't know yet how to fix it but is not a problem for the script.

Screen shoots pets:
pet creeper.PNG
pet sheep.PNG

Screen shoots GUI
Admin GUI

This GUI is only if the player has permission "pet.admin". To open this GUI damage the pet and the GUI is going to open
admin GUI.PNG

Rabbit pet GUI

This GUI opens when the player choose a rabbit. The permission is "pet.use". This GUI allow the player to choose a rabbit type.
rabbit gui.PNG

Sheep pet GUI

This GUI opens when the player choose a sheep. The permission is "pet.use". This GUI allow the player to choose a wool color.

sheep color gui.PNG


/pet or /pets
opens a GUI to choose a pet
permission pet.use


This script allow users to spawn a entity that will follow the player and if the distance between the player and the pet is more than 15 the pet is goin to teleport to the player.

If you want to disable the pets because the player for example join a game you have 2 options remove pet.use permission from the player or call the fuction petDisable(player) and called again to allow the player to spawn a pet again. if you call this fuction the pet dies.

if you want to kill a pet you can call this function killPet(player).

Hostile pets dont attack the player like zombie and creeper.

You can chance some options from the in the options like messages of no permissions. You can modify the code as you like just dont uploaded. For example add more permissions for each pet because I won't do it.
  • pets GUI.PNG
    pets GUI.PNG
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Latest updates

  1. Remove command /test

    I forgot to remove command /test. Its just a command I was using to tests pets.