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  1. TheJayCool
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    Based on XKCD's IRC Bot: Bucket
    By TheJayCool

    What is Pail?
    Pail is a fully customizable chat bot, able of adding and deleting responses in-game.

    • Adding/Deleting responses, commands and actions
    • Admin System
    • Targetters (called Variables)
    • Lock/Unlock responses
    • Ignore/Unignore players
    • Inventory System
    Download and move into your scripts folder
    Open up the script and change the following lines to your liking
    Code (Skript):
    1.      admin: TheJayCool
    2.      # Replace this with your name, to add multiple admins, use the add admin(scroll down) trigger command
    3.      adminsOnly: true
    4.      # Only admins can add/delete triggers
    6.      varName: pail
    7.      # Variable Name for player and pail inventory storage
    8.      fileDir: plugins/Skript/data/pail/pailstorage.yml
    9.      # Location of where replies, triggers, etc. get stored.
    11.      name: Pail
    12.      cancelEventOnAdminUsage: false
    13.      # Cancels the event when using the pail admin chat trigger
    Reload the script.

    Requires Skellett and SkUtilities

    Adding a reply:
    'Pail, triggerMessage <reply> responseMessage'
    if a player writes "triggerMessage" in chat, Pail will respond with "responseMessage"
    e.g. 'Pail, Hello there <reply> Hi!'
    <TheJayCool> Hello there
    Pail: Hi!

    You can add multiple responses to a trigger message.

    Adding an action:
    'Pail, triggerMessage <reply> responseMessage'
    if a player writes "triggerMessage" in chat, Pail will respond with "responseMessage" in a /me format
    e.g. 'Pail, Kill someone <reply> kills TheJayCool'
    <TheJayCool> Kill someone
    * Pail kills TheJayCool

    You can add multiple responses to a trigger message.

    Adding a command:
    'Pail, triggerMessage <command> command'
    if a player writes "triggerMessage" in chat, the console will run the command "command".
    e.g. 'Pail, Kill me <command> /kill $who'

    This is very dangerous as it can be used as a permission bypass, Be careful.


    Deleting a reply, action or command:
    'Pail, triggerMessage <delete> responseMessage'
    will delete "responseMessage" from the "triggerMessage" trigger. if "responseMessage" is not included
    it will delete all responses. if "responseMessage" contains a slash(/) it will remove the command
    from the reply.
    e.g. 'Pail, Hello there <delete> Hi!'
    Deletes "Hi!" from trigger "Hello there" but keeps any other responses
    'Pail, Hello there <delete>'
    Deletes every response from the trigger.


    Locking/Unlocking triggers:
    'Pail, lock/unlock triggerMessage'
    this will make triggerMessage un-editable meaning no one including admins can add or delete responses/commands
    e.g. 'Pail, lock Hello there'
    'Pail, unlock Hello there'


    Ignoring/Unignoring players:
    'Pail, ignore/unignore player'
    ignores the player making it unable to trigger any response.
    e.g. 'Pail, ignore TheJayCool'
    'Pail, unignore TheJayCool'


    Adding/Removing Admins:
    'Pail, admin add/remove player'
    adds/removes a player from the admin list.
    e.g. 'Pail, admin add TheJayCool'
    e.g. 'Pail, admin remove TheJayCool'


    Adding items into Pail's inventory:
    '* gives item to Pail'
    '/me gives item to Pail'
    adds an item to Pail's inventory
    e.g. '* gives a gun to Pail'
    '/me gives a gun to Pail'

    Items in the inventory get deleted every 5 minutes

    gets a random online player
    gets the player who triggered the response
    gets an integer between 1 and 9
    gets an integer between 0 and 9
    gets an item from Pail's inventory and removes it
    gets all items inside Pail's inventory
    gets a random online player

    can be used when adding/deleting responses, actions and commands and when adding
    items into Pail's inventory

    Miscellanious Commands:
    'Pail, list all/admins/triggerMessage'
    lists all triggers, all admins or all responses of a trigger
    'Pail, count triggerMessage'
    gives the total of all responses to "triggerMessage"
    'Pail, inventory'
    sends a list of Pail's inventory