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Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

Fuck it, I get all the downloads

  1. v2.8 - The Buffet Update - Playerdata Fixes, Rank Updates, /ignore, Bug Fixes


    Added hover message to Mapper
    Added updated hover message to Builder
    Made /gm Maplead+
    Fixed bugs with playerdata not setting for offline players
    Fixed bugs with /disguise not being able to run it's checks
    Fixed a bug where giving all players an item would not work
    Fixed a bug where console spammed on leave
    Added Event Rank
    Added '\' to the disguise name filter
    Changed /debugapi to /api
    Made titles not fade when changing news lines
    Made chests now repel players
    Made players not be able to leave chest plots
    Added custom death messages
    Fixed temp mutes not working
    Fixed perm mute message
    Added full info to /rh (ohsnapitsrosie)
    Fixed a bug where you could get /p in your inventory
    Added json hover, delete buttons for /news
    Updated /news messages
    Changed Jr.Dev color to gold
    Added new gwen-ban message
    Made /gwenban ban you
    Added /ignore
    Added /unignore
    Fixed /a, /ma, and /ra messages
    Updated /prefs
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