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Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

Fuck it, I get all the downloads

  1. v2.7 - The SQL Update - SQL, Bug Fixes, Report Updates

    Removed Bhop from GWEN
    Fixed Artist Rank Permissions
    Fixed MapLead caps
    Fixed carl's message
    Fixed a message with /thank
    Fixed an issue with treasure resetting
    Fixed a bug where /gwenban would not ban the player :3
    Fixed a bug where /thank would give the player x2 shards
    Made only admin+ be able to toggle other's gamemodes
    Fixed a bug where you could use negitive numbers for levels
    Fixed a bug where /gem would use shards
    Added /mineplex-core ForcefieldOff
    Added MySQL Support (Read GitHub Wiki)
    Added /help
    Fixed a bug where builder would display as &8 in /a
    Added Mapper rank
    Added updated /vanish messages (ohsnapitsrosie)
    Added updated /reportclose messages (ohsnapitsrosie)
    Added the ability for Mod+ to spam chat ​
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