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Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

Fuck it, I get all the downloads

  1. v2.6 - The Optimization Update 2/3 - GWEN Improvements, Playerdata Fixes, Stats Fixes, and more!

    Added a better version of /mineplex-core
    Made the treasure system load faster
    Fixed a bunch of bugs with playerdata, mostly shards and gems
    Updated Carl GUI
    Fixed /time lol
    Fixed /stats not working for other players
    Fixed time in game not showing in /stats
    Added a block for /a and /message when someone is muted
    Fixed a bug where removed punishments would shine
    Made recompile lag less
    Fixed support tag hover message
    Fixed a bug with /give not showing messages or giving items
    Fixed a bug where cosmetics would overlap in treasure and carl
    Fixed some updaterank bugs
    Fixed equipped misspelling
    Made /updaterank only accept uppercase
    Made some of the joins and load handlers a bit better
    Made some tweaks to changelog reader
    Added /mpcore purgehistory (player)
    Added Pets to Cosmetics
    Added B-Hop to GWEN
    Added Jesus to GWEN
    Added Reach to GWEN
    Added FastEat to GWEN
    Fixed BowSpam for GWEN
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