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Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

Fuck it, I get all the downloads

  1. v2.4 - The Redemption Update - New Carl, Polls, JSON, Teleport Additions, and More.

    Changed Carl rewards to &e colour code
    Added /ticket
    Added Carl Spinner tickets
    Fixed a bug where /admin would not show the proper rank displayed
    Renamed Media rank to Artist
    Fixed a bug where C.Mod and Sr.Mod would not get capped correctly
    Made carl tell you if you can claim your daily reward
    Optimised the f**k out of Carl
    Added animation to carl every 2 minutes
    Added /animation
    Added /poll
    Added Carl Polls!
    Added /thank
    Added Thank System
    Fixed a bug where carl would lend you his inventory!
    Fixed a bug where lava did not stop you from double jumping
    Added JSON Rank-Hover Messages for chat (Thanks, Rezz)
    Added termanator1128 to Patreon list
    Added filter for "hack" and "hax"
    Fixed /silence messages
    Fixed *some* punish bugs
    Unified MORE of the Internal messages
    Added pling sound for /message
    Added pling sound for /a, /ma, and /ra
    Added /tp h as a shortcut for /tp here
    Added /tp back
    Added /tp b as a shortcut for /tp back
    Added /tp (player) (x) (y) (z)
    Removed /monitor
    Made /lag only show for Jr.Dev+
    Fixed /ping message
    Added back, b, and h to the tab completer
    Added /rec for /recompile
    Fixed spelling error in tlink
    Added better filter
    Added avg to /lag
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