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Addon MythicMobs Skript Addon 0.90a

mythicmobs, skript addon

  1. Update to work with 1.12.1

    Update to work with 1.12.1
  2. convert to mythicmob remove mythic & some more

    Updates in v0.89a (not gone 90 needs some testing)
    Added new expression convert %entity%(%player%) into mythicmob %string% with level %number%
    Added new effect remove mythic from activemob %activemob%

    convert %entity%(%player%) into mythicmob %string% with level %number%
    - for all living entities including players.
    - if you use a player the mythicmobs type need to be persistent true! and you have to handle world changing and deaths otherwise mythicmobs...
  3. Added MythicMobs Targeters

    Added new class skilltargeter
    Added new expression mythicmobs targeter %string%
    Added new expression targetentities of %entity% for targeter %skilltargeter%
    Added new expression targetlocations of %entity% for targeter %skilltargeter%

    mythicmobs targeter %string%
    - %string% is any valid mythicmmobs targeter
    - set {_targeter} to mythicmobs targeter "@PIR{r=30}"
    - will set the targeter to pir with radius 30...
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  4. Added few minor effects & ability to trigger Activemobs

    ** Update 26.3.2017 v0.82a


    activemob %activemob% has immunitytable
    - Test if activemob has immunitytable enabled


    set damage of activemob %activemob% to %number%
    - Change the attackdamage

    set knockbackresist of activemob %activemob% to %number%
    - Change Knockback resist

    set armor of activemob %activemob% to %number%
    - Change armor stats (only >1.9)

    set attackspeed of activemob %activemob% to %number%
    - Change...