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Script More Mobs - New Mobs and now with GUI - [1.8 - 1.11] Second most downloaded skript on spigot! 4.1.3

Custom Mobs around the world now with huge config!

  1. Xenons
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    More Mobs - Perfect for Rpg Servers!
    Thanks to everyone who has downloaded this skript!
    It has made it to the second place of most downloaded skripts on spigot!

    This resource is free but every donation matters to me and helps me keep up working on free skripts.


    Donators + Their servers:
    No one cares ^^
    Skript:[Click Here]
    SkQuerry: [Click Here]

    Skript:[Click Here]
    SkQuerry: [Click Here]
    Summer is almost starting for me and I want to update this skript more often with new mobs, if you have idea for mobs please suggest them in discussion page I will read all of them and answer as soon as I can!
    • Mobs (13)
    • Random spawning around the world
    • On Death effects
    • Rewards
    • Commands to summon new mobs
    • Admin GUI for mob spawning
    • Permissions
    • Custom messages
    • Mini bosses
    • New Bosses (Coming Soon)
    • Boss Structures (Coming Soon)
    • Config
    • Enable/Disable each mob
    • 1.8 and 1.9 support


    Thanks to NumeroUno fot reviewing this
    Edit with notepad++!
    #Logo will be displayed before each message!
    logo: &8[&cMoreMobs&8]|

    summonmsg: &7You have successfully summoned #Mob name will be added auto
    moneymsg: &7You have recieved &6{@money}$&7!
    cmdmessage: &7You have recieved &6Reward Kit&7!

    enablemoney: true
    money: 100
    enablecommand: true
    command: /kit reward %attacker% #Use %attacker% to give it to a player who killed a mob

    #Enable/Disable mobs
    firedemon: true
    megazombie: true
    spiderofdeath: true
    firespider: true
    skeletonhorse: true
    zombiehorse: true
    megacreeper: true
    flyingcreeper: true
    hellhound: true
    firerat: true
    wraith: true
    greatgolem: true
    flyingwitch: true
    endangeredghast: true

    firedemonname: &c&lFire Demon
    megazombiename: &2&lMega Zombie
    spiderofdeathname: &7Spider of Death
    firespidername: &cFire Spider
    skeletonhorsename: &7&lSkeleton Horse
    zombiehorsename: &2&lZombie Horse
    megacreepername: &a&lMega Creeper
    flyingcreepername: &a&lFlying Creeper
    hellhoundname: &4Hell Hound
    fireratname: &cFire Rat
    wraithname: &8Wraith
    greatgolemname: &7Great Golem
    flyingwitchname: &5&lFlying Witch
    endangeredghastname: &4Endangered Ghast




    Mega Zombie
    Death Spider
    Mega Creeper
    Fire Rat
    Undead Horses
    Flying Creeper
    Hell Hound
    Fire Demon
    Great Golem
    Not Actual Image!
    Flying Witch

    Not Actual Image!

    Fire Spider
    [Image Coming soon]

    Endangered Ghast
    [Image Coming Soon]


    /mob - Shows the list for normal commands
    /mmob - Opens GUI for mob spawning

    mob.admin - access to all commands

    This resource is Free and will be forever, but if you have little spare amount of money feel free to donate it to my paypal.
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