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Script Lightweight Maintenance 4.0.1

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
A lightweight Maintenance System that is 99% configurable with PlaceholderAPI Integration.

Commands (Permissions can be configured in the File):
| Opens an Gui
/maintenance toggle | Enables or Disables the maintenance
--kickall | Kicks every player that doesn't have the bypass permission (can be used behind the "toggle" Argument)
/maintenance status | Check if the maintenance is enabled or not
/maintenance reload | Reloads the Skript

Dependencies - 4.0.0+:
- Skript [2.8+]:

Optional - If you want to use the PlaceholderAPI-Integration:
- Skript-placeholders [latest]:
- PlaceholderAPI [latest]:

1. Install the dependencies
2. Restart the Server
3. Download the File
4. Copy the file into the "scripts" folder
5. Reload the Skript

1. Uncomment the "on placeholderapi placeholder request" event by removing every # in front of each line
2. Install the Optional Dependencies
3. Restart the Server
4. You can check the status of the maintenance with the PlaceholderAPI-Placeholder "maintenance_status"

It should look like that:

- skUnity DM
- My Discord (#skript-support Channel)

Please report bugs or ask questions over the support options above!

First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 1 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fixxed Typo

    Fixxed Typo

Latest reviews

Alright since I have to give constructive criticism or else baefell will ban me:

1. Why do you need to configure this, just why? We don't need to configure every single message that isn't even sent to members, literally 5 of these options are needed.

2. Time to tell you why this is useless:
/whitelist on
/whitelist add (...)
/kick @a

for "reload":
/sk reload

3. "Informations" is not a word, "information" does not have a plural form.

Alright time for the things I think are good:

Cool gui I guess?

1. You don't have to. If you want, you can do it or just leave it on the default.
2. Nobody forces you to use this Skript. Of course you can use the whitelist if you want. The same goes for the reload command.
3. Thats correct, my bad. I'll fix this.