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Script ImpostersMC - Recreation of a popular game in Skript! v1.0.0-beta.4

Have your own Among Us like game on your server!

  1. Creaous
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    ImpostersMC is a recreation of a popular imposter game! This skript was previously uploaded to Spigot but taken down due to the name, but it is back now!

    Documentation/Wiki is now located here. UNFINISHED

    Report issues & enhancements (ideas) here.

    Future releases will be uploaded to GitHub

    Current Features:
    - Sabotaging
    - Venting system
    - Tasks system
    - Imposters and crewmates
    - Emergency meetings
    - Reporting bodies
    - Voting (& ejection) system
    - And more!

    - Skript - Download

    - SkBee - Download
    - Reqn - Download
    - Skent - Download

    - Tablisknu - Download
    - ProtocolLib - Download
    - CCTV (optional) - Download
    - Skript-YAML - Download


    /build - Allows the player to build - Perm: ImpostersMC.Build - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4-dev
    /imc - Shows the current version and who the script is by - Perm: ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC
    /imc start - Starts the game - Perm: ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.Start - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4 - To replace /start
    /imc end - Ends the game - Perm: ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.End - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4 - To replace /end
    /imc wiki - Gives you a clickable link to the wiki - Perm: ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.Wiki - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4
    /imc help - Gives you a help menu that contains both commands and permissions - Perm: ImpostersMC.Help.Commands & ImpostersMC.Help.Permissions - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4
    /imc help commands - Gives you a help menu that contains commands - Perm: ImpostersMC.Help.Commands - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4
    /imc help permissions - Gives you a help menu that contains permissions - Perm: ImpostersMC.Help.Permissions - Added in v1.0.0-beta.4


    - ImpostersMC.Build
    - ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC
    - ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.Help.Commands
    - ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.Help.Permissions
    - ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.Start
    - ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.End
    - ImpostersMC.Commands.IMC.Wiki

    Download using EzDownloader:
    - /downloader download ImpostersMC latest

    Installation for your own server:
    1. Download the ImpostersMC.sk file from here.
    2. Install the Requirements from the Requirements section.
    3. Add the ImpostersMC.sk file to the Skript/scripts folder.
    4. Start your server and it will now be added.
    (If you want the world have a look at the Installing World section)

    How to install the world on your server:
    1. Download the World.zip file from GitHub.
    2. Extract it in the root of your server.
    3. Rename it to anything you want!
    4. Download and install Multiverse or MultiWorlds.
    5. Use this command for multiverse: /mv import (WORLD).
    6. Use this command to tp for multiverse: /mv tp (WORLD).
    7. Change the "world" variable at the top of the ImpostersMC skript.
    8. Reload the script and you will now be able to play ImpostersMC!

    Downloading and starting a server:
    1. Download the ServerPackage.zip from GitHub.
    2. Extract the ServerPackage.zip file to a folder.
    3. Double-click the Start.bat file that was just extracted.
    4. The server will now run and you can now join!

    CCTV Plugin - Timdecoole123 -
    Tablisknu - TIatoani - Download
    Skript - SkriptLang fork - Download

    SkBee - ShaneBee - Download
    Reqn - btk5h - Download
    Skent - Olyno - Download
    ProtocolLib - dmulloy2 and aadnk - Download
    Skript-YAML - Sashie - Download