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Addon Hippo 1.0.0

Skript addon for custom classes

  1. 1.0.0 - Super Hippo!

    The first full release of Hippo! The old code has been reworked almost fully from scratch and has many changes, including syntax.

    • Optimized and reworked most of the code
    • Classes are now reloaded on script reloads
    • Added priority system to load the classes in the correct order automatically
    • Added debugger, helping you to debug your own code and mistakes
    • Added option to don't compile the class automatically
    • Added effect to compile the class
    • Removed whole utils syntax category (arrays, operators, options)
    • Removed constants system
    • Reworked annotations
    • Reworked constructors
    • Fixed double and long data types
    • Fixed illegal modifier combinations
    • Fixed illegal types
    • Improved syntax for constructors and enums
    • And some other quality of life changes! :emoji_slight_smile:
    • Described hipo lake (#1)
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