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Script DandyShop 1.3.0

~ ~ Spawn/Admin Shop (Signs & GUIs)

  1. Gort
    DandyShop is an easy-to use sign shop designed for spawn area shops which present players with an extremely intuitive GUI. You NEED this for your spawn!

    Super easy sign creation!
    - Buy All Button
    - Sell All Button
    - Incremental buttons for buy/sell of 1, 10, and 64 items.
    - Signs can be set for Buy, Sell, or both.
    - Undo button for last transaction. (Config in file for Undo clear options.)
    - If only Buy or Sell is set, the unset section will hide.
    - Accounts for inventory space.
    - Accounts for player balance.
    - Hides buttons the player cannot use.
    - Changes amount on the highest available transaction to highest the player can hold/afford/sell.
    - Configurable top line text, chat feedback colors and prefix.
    - Denies invalid sign creation.
    - Blocks players from forging signs.

    Set signs by simply putting [ds] on the top line, item name on line 2, and a number price for Buy and/or Sell (decimals supported) on lines 3 and 4 (or by leaving either line blank for no-sell or no-buy), and can also be set by command. (More info in the header section of the file.) The sign will automatically fill in the fancy details.

    My personal aliases file is included in the download, which has sign-friendly and conversation-friendly aliases for most of the items you would normally find in a spawn shop. I highly suggest you use my file, or amend your own file. I've made many changes to properly accommodate the items on the signs without having to use ID numbers, which most players would not be able to decipher.


    Sign Example:

    That's it! That's literally all you have to do!

    - TuSKe
    - SkQuery

    Bugs/Suggestions? Contact me on Discord: Gort#6781