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Script ContactStaff 1.0.1

A ticket like contacting skript for easy chat room creation between staff member and player

  1. Two
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10, 1.11
    ContactStaff is a simple skript that allows players to seek help from server staff by creating a private chatroom for them.


    • /contact \\ Tells player if there are staff members online and how many of them.
    • /contact staff \\ Requests help from a staff member, you can alternatively click on the orange text from the first command.
    • /contactaccept \\ This command accepts a help request, it's recommended to click on request message in the chat.

    Chat commands:
    • !c \\ Sends the following message to the private chat room
    • !c [stop] \\ Closes the private chat room that you are currently in

    • ContactStaff.admin \\ Marks you as an administrator of the server allowing you to accept help requests
    • ContactStaff.moderator \\ Marks you as a moderator of the server allowing you to accept help requests

    Extra features:
    • All messages between the player and staff member will be logged to "contactlogs" directory in your server folder.
    • Chat rooms are automatically terminated if either one leaves the server
    • When staff member accepts a help request both the player and the staff member will receive a short guide how to send messages and close the room
    • When a staff member receives help request they must click on the chat message in order to accept it
    • Player will know if they're talking to an administrator or to a moderator