Script ChatManager 1.2.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
ChatManager Skript
This skript has many features for your Minecraft Server. You can always leave a suggestion and rate this Skript! Am open for every Suggestion.


  1. Install the Skript.jar file
  2. Drag that plugin to your plugins folder
  3. Install
  4. Drag this skript into the folder /plugins/Skript/scripts/
  5. Type in-game or in console: /sk reload
  6. Improve your Chat and Server!

  • Clear Global Chat ( Bypass it with the permission: chat.clearchat.bypass )
  • Clear Self Chat
  • Lock/Unlock Chat
  • Staff Chat
  • Admin Chat
  • Command Spy
  • Mute/Unmute Players
  • Check if someone is muted
  • Broadcast System
  • Enable/Disable notifications on updates
  • Chat Colors
  • Rank System

/chat help [1/2]
/clearchat or /cc
/clearchatself or /ccself
/chat [lock/unlock]
/staffchat [message]
/adminchat [message]
/chat reload
/mute [player] [reason]
/unmute [player]
/checkmute [player]
/broadcast or /bc
/chat notifications [true/false]
/chatcolor [help]

Permissions: Allows you to see the help list
chatmanager.clearchat Allows you to clear the chat for everyone
chatmanager.clearchat.bypass Allows you to bypass the clearchat
chatmanager.clearchat.self Allows you to clear your own chat
chatmanager.lockchat Allows you to lock/unlock the chat
chatmanager.mute Allows you to mute a player with a reason
chatmanager.unmute Allows you to unmute a muted player
chatmanager.checkmute Allows you to check a player if he/she is muted or not
chatmanager.broadcast Allows you to broadcast a message to the server
chatmanager.staffchat Allows you to talk in the staffchat
chatmanager.adminchat Allows you to talk in the adminchat
chatmanager.commandspy Allows you to use the Command Spy
chatmanager.reload Allows you to reload the skript Allows you to see the Chat Color help list
chatmanager.chatcolor.reset Allows you to reset someones Chat Color
chatmanager.chatcolor.set Allows you to set someones Chat Color
chatmanager.chatcolor.add Allows you to add a Chat Color to someone
chatmanager.chatcolor.addall Allows you to add all Chat Colors to someone
chatmanager.rank.admin Allows you to have all commands for the /rank command
chatmanager.rank.check Allows you to check someone's rank

  • Discord: Carlo#4047
  • Support Server: SOON
  • Please when you contact me on discord, send that it is for the skript otherwice I ill block you.

You can always donate me here!
Carlo Verhamme
First release
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Latest updates

  1. 1.2.0

    Added Rank System Added Chat Colors ( GUI may bug ) Fixed bugs