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Script Button Block 1.5

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
Button Block [SKRIPT]

Introducing "Button Block" - the convenient way to manage in-game currency rewards using buttons. With the Button Block Skript, you can provide players with lime wool buttons. Players can use these buttons in the game world by right-clicking them, they can earn in-game currency and rewards. It offers a fun and interactive way for players to enhance their gameplay experience on your Minecraft server.


Effortless In-Game Currency: Players can earn in-game currency by right-clicking lime wool buttons.
Customizable Settings: Easily configure the world, currency values, cooldowns, and button properties.
Balanced Gameplay: Adjust the permissions for placing and breaking buttons to maintain game balance.
Responsive Code: The Skript code is well-commented and easy to modify to suit your server's needs.
• Secure and Regular Updates: Stay secure with rapid updates to address any issues or vulnerabilities.

• SkQuery
• SkBee

• /button:
/withdraw <text> <integer>:
/cash [<text>] [<integer>] [<offlineplayer>]:
/rank [<text>] [<offlineplayer>]:

• cash.edit
• button.give

Please leave a review i would love it. I also like suggestions for this script and maybe making new ones.
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  1. New Rank sytem

    just ranks ill add prestieges soon for level 100 ppl
  2. misc

    permsions and messgaes
  3. misc

    tab completions

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Excellent please make more scripts. These scripts are so good.