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baeChat 1.2

Bug fixes
  • DEBUG CODE GONE! I have removed some leftover debug code from baeChat and also a different project being tested within baeChat
  • CHAT CLEAR IF! There was an if where I forgot to put the value that the compared option should be, this is now fixed.
New features
  • PLAYER INFO! The player info command appeared in the help menu, but wasn't actually usable. It now exists. /chat player [player]. Not putting a player defaults to the executing user. Only admins can use this command
  • CHAT LOCKING! Lock the chat globally which even prevents the usage of Groups and Conversation (players can join them, just not message in them) or you can just lock chat channel messages. Per channel locking is coming
  • CHANNEL DELETING! You can now delete a channel via /chat channel delete <channel>. Any players in that channel when deleted will be moved back to general chat.
  • CLEAR CHAT! The command for clearing chat existed in the help menu, but wasn't actually usable. It now exists. Just use /chat clear.
  • RANDOM STRING FUNCTION! When I first released baeChat, someone on the skUnity Discord suggested using split for the random string preparation function. This has been added.
  • EXECUTE EVENT CODE VARIABLE! When utilising the baeChat API, baeChat will now set a variable to the code which is used for that event listening.
  • BAECHAT VERSION! There is now {bchat::settings::version} which is set each script load. This lets you know the exact baeChat version
  • BETTER CHANNEL HANDLING FOR JOINING PLAYERS! Now when a player joins the server, their channels are checked. If the channels they were in don't exist, they are removed from it. This prevents players existing in deleted channels.
  • MORE PERMISSIONS! There are now permission options for updating and deleting channels
Thanks for using baeChat, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks again,
Minor changes as wrong version uploaded