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get those crashing skanks off your server one by one.

  1. malia
    Version: 1.1
    You stated somewhere on the reviews that looping all players per second is not harmful?? It is my boy, that kills performance by A LOT. Anyways the code could be more optimized and you could make it to detect "for(" so even if people change their variable name, starting value, etc... it would still detect
  2. CharcoalToast
    Version: 1.0
    These are my complaints:
    - You are using WildSkript file management (this Skript addon didn't get updated for over 4 years)
    - You are looping all players to send a console message?
    - This is an Anti-Crash skript and you are looping all players every second?
    - There is like no customization
    - WTF is 'random ass algorithm'? This has no use and is too specific?
    This resource is just harmful itself
    1. Apahllo
      Author's Response
      I know WildSkript is VERY outdated. I am currently trying to learning how to use YAML so I can stay up to date and have custom configuration for everything (As you stated in your 4th complaint).
      There wasn't supposed to be a loop for the message that is sent to console, that was a simple mistake that will be fixed.
      Looping all players isn't that harmful, but I still removed it by your request. I changed up some code to fit it somewhere else.
      I should have stated this, but the "algorithm" is used to crash servers using a plugin called "WorldEdit" (or "FastAsyncWorldEdit") People can use //calc, and do a big algorithm that the plugin cannot handle, and it'll crash the server.
      I will be updated the plugin very soon,