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Script ⭐Zabrid's Crate Maker⭐ | ✅ 1.17-1.19 ✅ 1.5.0

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- Added a toggle option to the config to completely enable/disable rerolls for all players
- Added removeitem command (usable by players and console)
- Added {uuid} and {crate} variables to command rewards (You can use command crates removeitem {crate} {uuid} to make rewards one time only)
- Added removeitem to help command list
- Fixed tab completions not including all commands
- Added option to sort the preview crate GUI by the chances in which the items have (highest chance will be at the top, lowest at the bottom)
- Improved ID/UUID generation for items (now there is basically a 0 percent chance of overlap) (this change will not effect items added in previous versions)
- Fixed rerolling not working for non-op players (sorry about that)
- Fixed minor bug with appearance-disabled crates still working in the crates GUI.
- Fixed Rerolling bug when closing inventory
- Fixed SkBee Update Breaking the Script (The script now requires SkBee Version 2.5.0)
- Added PlaceholderAPI Placeholder `%zcratemakerkeys_<crate>%`
- Added ability to open physical crates with virtual keys.

You now require PlaceholderAPI & Skript-Placeholders to use this script.
- Performance Update: Condensed the code of giving the rewards into a single function.



- Added Rerolling (Allowing players with the zcratemaker.reroll permission to roll a crate twice for a chance at a better reward) for more information read the wiki page: https://github.com/Zabrid/Zabrid-Crate-Maker/wiki/Rerolling
- Added ability to configure what button it takes to perform specific actions in the /crates GUI
- Changed default lore of crate to say press "Q" instead of middle click. As I found out at some point between 1.8 and 1.18 they removed middle clicking in GUIs while in survival (which is cringe)
- Changed default open all button to be Q for the same reason.
- Fixed animations not giving command rewards. (Rewards that run console commands)
- Added /crate keys command to view how many crates you or another person has
- Added /crates take to take crates from a player
- Added 3 more language options in the lang.sk for the /crate keys command
- Added bypass for minecraft blocking the sending of § while copying what the lore was previous set to
- Added physical crate key variable from crate item in the /crates GUI
- Added a list of available placeholders in the /crates edit GUI
- Added ability to use physical keys in the /crates GUI if you have no virtual keys to use
- Fixed giving virtual keys bug
- Fixed SkBee NBT Errors