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  1. Zoot

    Anticheat Utility Snippets

    Tiered Potion Square function in expression Better distance expressions Non full blocks (Blocks that would change your altitude) Horizontal direction from location to location Advanced ground check (70% of movement cheats can be detected with this)
  2. Zoot

    [#4] Skript Challenge - Loop area

    Tested with Skript version 2.2-dev33 and skDragon version 0.14.0 on PaperSpigot_1.11.2 Could do without skDragon, just added particles for oomph :emoji_slight_smile: # Positive X = East; Negative X = West; # Positive Z = South; Negative Z = North; options: wand: iron sword of unbreaking...
  3. Zoot

    [ZAC] Anticheat Development

    Its somewhat negotiable. It all really depends on what I think you bring to the table. If you just want to help and give input then thats just on your own will. If you are planning to code than like I said its negotiable. If anyone is interested in actually helping code, I need help making ZAC...
  4. Zoot

    [ZAC] Anticheat Development

    Looking for someone to help me code and give input on checks. Mainly giving input on decisions but coding if you can. Previous spigot resource: Preference: 17 years old +, experienced...
  5. Zoot

    @LimeGlass I know you don't want people demanding support for your skQuery fork, but I'm just...

    @LimeGlass I know you don't want people demanding support for your skQuery fork, but I'm just wondering if you had syntaxes for the type %potion%, for the "%entity% has %potion%". I can't seem to get tiers of potions even with the potion syntaxes on skUnity Docs.
  6. Zoot

    Skellet Spawn Citizen

    Addon: - Skript V2.2-dev32d - Skellett 1.9.6b - Citizens v2.0.16-SNAPSHOT (build 1267) Have you tried searching the docs? Yes Have you tried searching the forums? Yes I've enabled Citizens in the config, used the example on skunity documentation which is: command /testing: trigger...