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    How to allow player place certain block in worldguard area.

    Hi guys I would like to allow players to place some blocks in the protection area, but I can't use a flag in worldguard because it doesn't have a specific block place flag there. So I decided to set allow-place: allow in worldguard area and write a script as follow: on place: if "%region at...
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    is that possible to keep potion after death

    i'm thinking about this for a long time and try to write like this on death: loop all active potions on player: but it's doesn't work is it possible to do that? thx
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    Crackshot with iron door skript help

    I want to create some code that support with crackshot like if i shoot by gun to iron door 5 times by snowball or arrow it will broke but just iron door nothing more how to do that thanks