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  1. xxxHIxxx

    yay :)

    yay :)
  2. xxxHIxxx

    help (skript-reflect) don't work

    I have skript-mirror, wen I add skript-reflect the scoreboard doesn't work Do I need to remove skript-mirror and add skript-reflect? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My skript version is: Skript-25-dev MY server is: 1.8.8 /spigot...
  3. xxxHIxxx

    while don't work

    ok and I send it here
  4. xxxHIxxx

    while don't work

    When I use while The server crash please help :emoji_head_bandage:
  5. xxxHIxxx

    Addon SkBee

    ok skbee worked on 1.8.9 servers?
  6. xxxHIxxx

    fireball bedwars

    on right click with fire charge: if name of player's held item is "&7&lFireball": shoot a fireball from player at speed 0.5 set {_entity} to shot projectile add "{ExplosionPower:2}" to entity-nbt of shot projectile remove 1 fire charge named "&7&lFireball"...
  7. xxxHIxxx

    Solved skbee or skstuff ?

    i can't change spigot to paper sorry wait wait wait wait wait wait it WORKS SkNbeet omg omg [the] [entity( |-)]nbt of %entity% %entity%'[s] [entity( |-)]nbt spawn zombie at player add "{NoAI:1b}" to entity-nbt of last spawned zombie this thread is completed thanks all ❤❤❤
  8. xxxHIxxx

    Solved skbee or skstuff ?

    1 I don't want paper 2 remove skstuff? 3 in i add skript-reflect remove skript-mirror?
  9. xxxHIxxx

    Solved skbee or skstuff ?

    spigot-1.8.8-R0.1 addons: Ersatz Expansion-Skript ExtrasSk MundoSK SkBee-1.10.2 skDragon Skellett skLib Sk-NBeeT SkQuery skRayFall+v1.9.24 Skript-25-dev skript-mirror-0.19.1 skript-yaml SkStuff skUtilities.v0.9.2 TuSKe WildSkript 1.9
  10. xxxHIxxx

    Solved skbee or skstuff ?

    i have problem in nbt in i add this add "{DisabledSlots:1}" to nbt of spawned armor stand he send : An internal error occurred while attempting to preform this command and error in console some one help me please ShaneBee help
  11. xxxHIxxx

    skstuff and skellett is bad?

    Why then when I add this does not work I need skellett and skstuff
  12. xxxHIxxx

    skstuff and skellett is bad?

    Can one help me In I download skstuff skript reload don't work and function scoreboard is removed and In I download skellett this don't work with skellett on inventory click: if name of event-item contains "&eopen": cancel event pls help me
  13. xxxHIxxx

    Solved help me plss

    oh ok thanks he don't work you try set block at {armor.1} to {_snow} no problem and block not seting
  14. xxxHIxxx

    Solved set block

    Thanks, but Can you give me an example i want set block at {loc} to {_snow} fix this please :emoji_blush:
  15. xxxHIxxx

    Solved set block

    set {_snow} to skull from skin with value...