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  1. TheDoggy

    Solved I was trying to make autocompress and i ran into a problem

    After you give the compressed item, then do wait 1 tick.
  2. TheDoggy

    Solved Difference between

    There is a spelling error.. Replace diffrence with difference
  3. TheDoggy

    Help with a skript

    Send the skript you are currently using to get to 50 hearts.
  4. TheDoggy

    Tab issue

    Because you have the perm "group.default" it can give you that rank. You should do use this: if player has permission "group.owner": set player's tablist name to "&4&lOwner &7%player%" else: if player has permission "": set player's tablist name to "&2&lDev &7%player%" else: And...
  5. TheDoggy

    How Do I See What Item's Are In Player's Tool

    If player's tool was a shulker box and I wanted to see what items were in that shulker, how would I do that?
  6. TheDoggy

    Solved See Gamerule In Player's World

    is there a if gamerule keepInventory is true in world "smp"? or something like it? if so please help share it with me. I have a network server and keep inventory wont turn off for ops so im skripting it.
  7. TheDoggy

    Rank Colour (Like Hypixel)

    What ranks do you have? hope this helped
  8. TheDoggy

    Rank Colour (Like Hypixel)

    command /rank [<player>] [<text>] [<text>]: permission: op trigger: if arg-3 is not set: send "&cYou Must Say The Colour You Want" if arg-3 is set: if arg-3 is "dark blue": set {rank::%player%} to "&1%arg-2%" set player's tablist name to "&7[&l%{rank::%player%}%&7]...
  9. TheDoggy

    Making skripts!

    Making skripts!