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  1. Aryaz25

    SnowBall Effects

    You can apply information (ex. a variable) to the thrower or the projectile itself to differentiate the type of the snowball you throw. Here's an example: on shoot: if name of shooter's held item is "A very cold snowball": #<----- check's the name of the shooter's held item set...
  2. Aryaz25

    SnowBall Effects

    You actually can. By using "On Damage" condition and using "event-projectile" to check the projectile type. Here's an example. But I haven't test it yet :emoji_sweat_smile: on damage: if event-projectile is a snowball: apply slowness 1 to victim for 3 seconds
  3. Aryaz25

    Multiple Types in One Argument...?

    As he said, you could make it into a text type and parsed it as a player when it's needed. This is my example in order to do so. command /test <text>: trigger: if arg is "version": send "This skript is on version 1.1" else if arg parsed as offlineplayer is...
  4. Aryaz25

    Solved Killing item drops.

    Already did. In fact, I already did clear, delete, remove, kill, etc. I wouldn't post here before I tried everything I knew. Just found a solution! My well-experienced friend just told me to use Remove entity from {_item} to delete item drop entity! Ty for your help tho :)
  5. Aryaz25

    Solved Killing item drops.

    I was trying to clear/kill an item drop after I pushed it in my "knife throwing" code. set {_loc} to location of player's head drop 1 iron sword at {_loc} set {_item} to last dropped item push {_item} in direction of player at speed...
  6. Aryaz25

    Solved Limit the Number of Custom Crafting Recipe Uses?

    Huh, thats wierd... The docs explained, that RESULT is for result slot in a furnace or crafting inventory. So i tested it out by myself with these codes... on inventory click: if clicked slot type is RESULT: if clicked item is...
  7. Aryaz25

    Is there any possible way to create a MOBA creep/minion pathfinding skript?

    So, I was wondering about if I could create a MOBA in minecraft using skript. but I couldn't create the creep/minion pathfinding system. If you never play any MOBA. The creep/minion in MOBA will fight and push their way to reach enemy base. they'll spawn for every 30 secs and immidiately follow...
  8. Aryaz25

    Solved Limit the Number of Custom Crafting Recipe Uses?

    on inventory click: if clicked slot type is RESULT: if name of clicked item contain "Awesome Bedrock": if {bedrock.%player%} = 3: cancel event send "You cannot craft any more bedrock!" stop add 1 to...
  9. Aryaz25

    Need help with my mute skript

    The skript couldn't detect that line because this "show an action bar from" condition doesn't exist. Here's some way to create an action bar:
  10. Aryaz25

    Solved Need help with despawning arrow...

    Hello! I'm working on a skript that makes a bow doesn't require any arrow. well everything works pretty well until the despawning the arrow part. Here's the code that im working: on right click: if player's tool is bow: if {shoot.%player%} is set: cancel event...
  11. Aryaz25

    Solved "Open chest to player" skript error

    Skript Version: Skript 2.1.2 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8 Full Code: command /stats: aliases: stat trigger: if {classload.%player%} is set: if {stats.ap::%player%::%{classload.%player%}%}>0: wait 1 tick open chest with...
  12. Aryaz25

    "Open chest to player" skript error

    Hello! I'm creating a gui menu with skript below: command /stats: aliases: stat trigger: if {classload.%player%} is set: if {stats.ap::%player%::%{classload.%player%}%}>0: wait 1 tick open chest with 1 row named "Level up! Choose an...
  13. Aryaz25

    Solved Checking number in player's tool lore?

    Hello! I tried to check the number in player's tool lore with this command command /test: trigger: set {_split::*} to uncoloured line 1 of player's tool's lore parsed as "Damage: %number%" send "%{_split::1}%" to the player But when i test it out, it only said "<none>" The...