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New Profile Posts

  1. Noni
  2. Pufferklown
    I hope i become good at skript xd
  3. AngerYT
    AngerYT ShaneBee
    He is just an legend:

    Posted an comment to almost every post
    Just an awesome staff member
    my best addon developer ive ever seen and more

    Like so @ShaneBee sees this!
    1. ShaneBee likes this.
  4. Meetanshi
  5. Dr Huy Giang
    Dr Huy Giang
    Dr Huy Giang - Plastic surgery Safe and Beauty
  6. Jos
    Chilling and skriptin'
  7. DerpyTurtlez
    middlearm is cool
  8. Onicalcus
    Without loading the script i have 15 GB with i have 14,3 GB. Every Part can be turned off
  9. Onicalcus
    637 MB A all in one script Custom groupmanager,essentail,Crates,Shop,Enchantments Skywars,Skyblock,Prison,Factions,Creative,Survival,Kingdom
  10. Onicalcus
    Spending my days creating scripts that work perfectly and are optimized to the maximum yet never gonna be using them
  11. SWOEN
    oh, Hello there! I'm probably bussy with my server.
  12. SWOEN
    Bussy hosting my server.
  13. Minecoll_YT
    Discord: Jonas L. | Minecoll_YT#0741
  14. ibrqhim
    ibrqhim LimeGlass
    yo can we get Java 17 version ? cuz 16 looks old
  15. MrMagmaPT
  16. Minecoll_YT
    Minecoll_YT JakeTheChad
    I appreciate you helping others on this forum and supporting the forum itself through donations. But bro... what is this profile picture... We are on a minecraft skripting forum
    1. JakeTheChad
      I'm just too cool
      Apr 18, 2022
  17. JakeTheChad
    I stab chads as a hobby and type letters for a living, you guessed it, I'm a skripter.
  18. OmarOmar93
  19. FireDrxgon_
    Yeah I'm a very cool person
  20. DagoDuck
    DagoDuck LimeGlass
    Hello LimeGlass,
    I was wondering if you could investigate into Version 2.0.3 of Skellett breaking loop syntaxes in all scripts, and also breaking everything else in the same script.
    Version 2.0.2 doesn't show the same behaviour, so it has to have something to do with the changes made in 2.0.3
    Thank you for your time and all your skript addons!