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New Profile Posts

  1. Smartman_xd
  2. Minecoll_YT
  3. SkullyBoi
  4. zImSkillz
    zImSkillz Nano
    How can I contact you?
  5. Viktor Tim Aggerholm
    Viktor Tim Aggerholm ShaneBee
    Hopefully it's not only me, who when looking at old posts here on skunity, it displays ShaneBee as every reply on the thread :O
    1. FireRoz
      its him trying to steal all credit. in reality shane bee is not a real java developer. he is a disguise

      all jokes aside i honestly dont know why its like that just ask him
      heres another joke:
      shane bee having conversations with himself, is this suppsoed to mean something?
      May 15, 2021 at 4:02 PM
  6. OvenAndOrange
    garbage at skript
  7. FrostPVP™️
    FrostPVP™️ Mashhhyyy
    Can you change your settings so I can "Start a Conversation"
  8. Gulyás Bálint
    Gulyás Bálint
    [using aspigot]: can't understand this condition: 'clicked slot is 22' (token.sk, line 321: if clicked slot is 22:') skquery, skellett
  9. Theindo448
    busy on the school activities
  10. sarter
    sarter BaeFell
    Hello, can you delete this account for privacy concerns? Thank you
    1. BaeFell
      You will need to PM me to confirm this.
      Apr 26, 2021
  11. OGContent
  12. LandonTheDev
    LandonTheDev BaeFell
    Whats your discord?
    1. BaeFell
      Apr 24, 2021
  13. Julius Ohly
    Julius Ohly
    skripting, as always....
  14. Hykz
  15. Rodney_RWR
  16. CoffeeNotSugar
    How do you change an items name without it being italic (when the text is a bit inclined)
  17. Avaplays
    Avaplays LimeGlass
    Thanks for your reply on my review!
    1. LimeGlass likes this.
  18. QuentinS
    Roses are red, Violets are blue Unexpected '{' on line 32
  19. Shadow501pl
    Working on making Hypixel skyblock but better...
  20. CormanYT
    Not much of a fan of Skript anymore.