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New Profile Posts

  1. itismejoey
    How's this thing work again?
  2. M3t3xu
  3. _JustDylan_
    I got unbanned
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  4. TyJ2006
    I'm not new to Skript, but I'm not the best. (That makes me sound smart.)
  5. DerpoDrago
  6. MasonsBunker
    Still figuring out how to post a forum lol.
  7. Borio
    Borio LimeGlass
    Dear @LimeGlass, i am making a server right now and i want to know how to make it so it takes longer to break a block.
    1. LimeGlass
      You can't, you can only simulate it, cancel event and add 1 to a counter until it reaches like 3 then don't cancel event, you can use client side block break effect from SkQuery to make it look like its slowly breaking.
      Jan 8, 2020
    2. MasonsBunker
      you could maybe make it when the certain block is mined it cancels the even after broke and waits a certain time then drops the item -_0.0_- just a thought.
      Jan 14, 2020
  8. Etho
    Updating Neon + Working on 4th Skript Anticheat!
  9. Moderocky
    Moderocky Runakai
    Hello there!
    1. Runakai
      General Kenobi
      Jan 5, 2020
  10. Runakai
    1. Abdera7mane
      Hello there
      Jan 5, 2020
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  11. TheCringleYT
    TheCringleYT BaeFell
    P O P P Y I'M POPPY, more like P I P P Y I'm POPPY!
  12. TheCringleYT
    TheCringleYT iParis
    Hey, love your YouTube channel <3
  13. Abdera7mane
  14. Wolfy
    Wolfy LimeGlass
    So i have a problem : how can i check if a faction is enemy to another faction ? Cuz i cant make so people who are enemy to the faction of a guy sees his faction in red :(

    Pliz answer im stuck here :(
  15. TheCringleYT
    TheCringleYT novastosha
    I lost my teet xD
  16. TheCringleYT
    TheCringleYT BaeFell
    Sent you a suggestion PM. :) And who is Charlotte?
  17. Anish
    Got my old account back boiz!
  18. Goose
    Goose EliPlayz32
    ur a frickin bot u bombgfderfklae;awd
  19. BrettPlayMC
    No longer using Skript.
  20. Max094_Reikeb
    I've been banned from SkUnity because "DMing sketchy sites to users"... 1 - A smartphone app isn't a website, 2 - The app isn't sketchy