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  1. I

    Yaw not working.

    Hello, I have a large piece of code, but the problem lies in trying to set the yaw. And yes, only the yaw. Pitch works fine. set {location} to loop-value set yaw of {location} to {yaw::%loop-index%} set pitch of {location} to {pitch::%loop-index%} teleport player to {location} broadcast...
  2. B

    Can not set yaw and pitch to location variable

    this is a code on click: set {_loc}'s location to location at 0.5, 40, 0.5 in "world3" set {_loc}'s pitch to 90 set {_loc}'s yaw to 0 send "%{_loc}'s yaw%" send "%{_loc}'s pitch%" send "%{_loc}'s x-coordinate%" send "%{_loc}'s y-coordinate%" send "%{_loc}'s...
  3. D

    Solved Teleport to location with yaw and pitch

    Hello! I am trying to figure out how to teleport an entity or a player to a location which has a yaw and a pitch set as well. command /spawn: permission: spawn.spawn permission message: &cNo permission. trigger: # Method 1 teleport player to location at (0, 64, 0) in...
  4. A

    Solved how to make a rebound ? (advenced math)

    Hi everyone (I'm FR, sorry for my english)! I have my own projectile trajectory system based on the reality. This cool system allows me to predict the trajectory of my projectile even before firing (in 1 tick)! How to calculate a projectile rebound against a block ? (I'm talking about a...