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  1. M

    Solved This doesnt work

    Please Help This Code Doesnt Work i dont even know how to make codes ;-; In THIS WEBSITE! every 1 seconds in world "flatroom": set {_e} to pig spawn {_e} at location at (-464, 7, -326) in event-world loop all entities in radius 5 around {_e}: if loop-entity is player...
  2. Vane2k16

    function with options?

    Hello, i need help with a function for a signupdate. this is the function for the signupdate: function signupdate(a: text): set line 1 of block at {knockout.sign::%{_a}%} to "- KNOCKOUT -" set line 2 of block at {knockout.sign::%{_a}%} to "[&aONLINE&r]" set line 4 of block at...
  3. Aidanete

    My play sound effect don't work and don't show log errors

    I put an effect to play a sound but it doesn't work, there are no log errors for this. play sound "entity_generic_eat" with volume 1 and pitch 1 at event-location for event-player Please, help
  4. Aidanete

    Feed effect don't work

    Hello, I'm doing a script but it doesn't work properly because of this line of code, it is supposed to feed the player and is practically the same in the skript documentation in this page: on rightclick: player is holding a raw...
  5. P

    My gui won't work

    So im making this gui for my prison server (The server is on 1.8.9). and my skript wont work. This is my code that works: Command /vs: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&2&lVagt Shop" to player wait 1 tick set slot 4 of player's current inventory to gold helmet...
  6. bleu40

    [MiniGame] Condition "on any move" doesn't work with multiple players

    Hello, I'm creating a mini game who the concept it's survive in a house. But in my skript, if there is more than 1 player, the skript don't want to work. Pls anyone can help me ? The part who it don't work is on PasteBin :