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  1. jonawoning

    Solved Skript if message starts with "!" not working.

    Title: Skript if message starts with "!" not working. < I have skript like: on chat: if {kd.%player%} is "Kingdomloos": cancel event broadcast "&7[&fKingdomloos&7] &7%coloured player's displayname%: &7%message%" else: set {hash} to "##" set {procent} to...
  2. Spartan9802

    Error Skript "$"

    Good evening, I post here because I found a mistake on skript, I would like other people to test with their versions I use Skgnt 2.2-dev25 of Bensku. I also speak very bad English: / My error code: command /test: trigger: set {_text} to "My Test $" set {_format} to...