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  1. SupMan

    Ride boat when placed

    I think it's pretty clear what I'm trying to do here but the docs don't contain examples for this so I don't know how to make it work, thank you!
  2. X

    Help with a vehicle Skript

    Hello I was hopling to have a Viechle Skript for my Skript server I wonder if there is a way to create horses or pigs with custom Models and Speeds to create a vehicle or with armor stands to create it
  3. P

    Killing a boat

    I have a little script: on vehicle exit: if event-entity is a boat: kill event-entity But it doesn't work Does anyone know how to remove the boat after leave
  4. D


    Does anyone know how to make a drivable car? If so how and what addons do I need for it?
  5. H

    Dragon Rider

    Category: Vehicle Suggested name: Dragon Rider Spigot/Skript Version: Spigot 1.8.8/Skript 2.2 Dev25 What I want: Hi!, im wanting to ride a ender dragon but i want to make the ender dragon pushed forward at player direction. like this: Ideas for commands: /dragon Ideas for permissions...
  6. nerdguinsk

    Armor Stand Vehicle

    I wanted a skript that when I press D the vehicle (armor stand) goes to the side and turn the armor stand