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  1. Jason Paige

    Storage Efficacy

    Hey, recently I wanted to make custom item bags that are based on player heads. these items can then be crafted into something else for sale and transport, as well as being placeable and only holds 8 items that are exchanged via crafting recipe. simple enough I thought. Wrong, but I digress. I...
  2. V

    Solved Around saved varriable

    command /covertrack: cooldown: 1 seconds cooldown message: Ждите &c%remaining time% &fсекунд! trigger: set {b} to all blocks in radius 15 of player set {covertrack::%player%} to location of player command /inspect: cooldown: 1 seconds cooldown message: Ждите...
  3. N

    Tuske GUI Update

    format gui slot 10 of player with 5 of red wool named "&4&l-5 Diamanter" with lore "" to run: remove 5 from {_antal} send "%{_antal}%" format gui slot 11 of player with 1 of red wool named "&4&l-1 Diamant" with lore "" to run: remove 1 from {_antal}...
  4. T

    Take information from chat

    Is there a way to take something from when someone types in chat, cancel event, and set it to a variable?
  5. Tinkot

    Solved set {_loc} to 3 blocks west of {location} ---- (how?!?)

    so i am making minigames skript and i want to set a location near another location. it works for teleporting players to a location near the variable Teleport player 3 blocks west {location} but i cant figure out how to set a variable near a location of another variable
  6. K

    If variabel is greather or over

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev20c) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8 Skript if arg-1 is "mission": if arg-2 is "Diamond": if player have permission "mission.diamant.1": if %{mine.diamond.add}% is greater than 99...