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  1. B

    Item only works if not stacked or named.

    Hello! I'm trying to create a script for a spice that you hold on your offhand that gets consumed when eating an item. I use lore to detect these custom items. It only seems to work if there is only one of the item in my offhand. If it's stacked or renamed to anything else the script doesn't...
  2. ctrlcheeb

    Stop Hotkey swap of item

    Hi, I am trying to make a menu item that can be clicked to open a navigator but is locked to one slot Using events such as "on drop" and "on inventory click" and then cancelling the event i can stop players both moving and dropping the item. However the issue is that player are still able to...
  3. acai

    Skript List Variables

  4. Runakai

    Skript Vanilla GUIs

    You are looking for a good way of making GUIs in Skript? Without having to update an Addon or possibly risk that it's going to get unmaintained? Well, you cant stop searching now! Because vanilla GUIs are integrated into Skript. That's how the name origins from. It's a vanilla feature from...
  5. EWS

    Useful vanilla Skript functions

    Here is a list of some functions which do plenty of useful stuff (mostly with numbers). Most of them are made by me. Round to x decimal cases Does what Skript's built-in function should do, rounds to the amount of decimal places you want. Code: Usage: Format number Formats a number so it can...