vanilla guis

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  1. Kakar

    Save Vaniila gui

    How do I save a vanilla gui? I'm trying to do something like this: on inventory click: if event-inventory = (metadata tag "test" of player): cancel event save (metadata tag "test" of player)
  2. WrexBG

    Vanilla GUI Border+ Functions

    These are functions you may find useful when working with GUI's. It's just an easy way to add border, border with preset pattern, and fill or clear the inventory. Some things to know beforehand: - These are functions - Required addons: none - Tested on Minecraft 1.15.2 and Skript 2.4.1 - There...
  3. J

    Multiple GUIs with same action

    USING VANILLA GUIS Current Addons: Skellet, SkRayFall, TuSke I'm setting up a pickaxe upgrade system. They right click their current pick so it opens the gui and they can purchase the following tier. However, my script is stuck and only works with the first tier. When I open up the second pick...