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  1. N

    Help With equip effect

    I'm trying to create a Gear Upgrade script with variables. But the equip effect cant use the variable as a number for the enchant Here is the function where it equips the helmet(It's the same as all the other armor pieces) function tagkit(p: player): if {_p} has permission "vagt"...
  2. G

    Solved Please help me with this

    Hey! I made a server on minehut, and everything worked. I put another code in, and its started not working. please help. (problem in the upgrades line) CODE: on inventory click: if name of event-inventory is "Click Test": cancel event if index of event-slot = 0...
  3. P

    Solved Problem with upgrading (no errors)

    I'm trying to make a skript where when you right click with it, it'll upgrade the pickaxe. Not gonna show the full skript, but if you wan't it i'll give it to you the issue: every tick: loop all players: if amount of {pick::*} = 2: replace wooden pickaxe named "&7Wooden...
  4. Runakai

    Script Level your Spawner! 1.0

    This script was only tested on 1.16 and 1.15 but should work on all versions that support SkBee's nbt syntax. This Script requires SkBee This Script allows you to upgrade following Entities: Pig, Chicken, Fox, Cat, Wolf, Cow, Sheep, Mooshroom, Horse, Blaze The wool block will be green, if...
  5. S

    Solved Simple kitpvp upgrade menu and autokit equip on spawn

    Hi, im looking for some help to create a simple GUI kitpvp menu where you can enable and disable autokit and also upgrade each piece of gear for money. can someone help me? i know how to make the GUI i just dont know how to make things upgradeable and make it so you equip your kit when spawning...
  6. J

    Solved Vanilla GUI If player has item

    Im trying to make it so when a player clicks on the gui item, it "upgrades" the current item. Im using vanilla GUIS. Nothing happens when the item is clicked. on inventory click: if event-slot is wooden pickaxe named "&8Wooden &7Pickaxe &8[&e2&8]": if player has 128 coal: give...
  7. V

    Prison /Upgrade Skript.

    Category: Skripts; Suggested name: Upgrade skript; Spigot/Skript Version: Latest; What I want: Hello, I want a /upgrade skript for pickaxe custom enchants. I want it to have GUI that opens when you run the command and I want it to have blocks that when you click to enchant your pickaxe...
  8. J

    Solved On rightclick on a block

    Hello I'would like to know if it's possible do detect the name of the bloc where the player click like "on rightclick on item frame: if target name is "" message "hello" Something like that ?
  9. W

    Solved Upgrading System problem

    Hello everyone i am WiebeHero and i made an upgrading system for well my server that im creating but i got a few questions for you guys here is the code that i have now: on inventory click: if name of item is "&7Stone Club [Lv 1]": if the 6th line of lore of item contains "&7Upgrade...
  10. S

    Mob Upgrade

    Hi :emoji_slight_smile: I'm looking for a skript where it is possible to upgrade mobs E.g: I have spawnet an Iron Golem and if I right click on it then opens a GUI Where then are 3 things you can click The one thing is that when you upgrade its strength so that it easier killing people The...