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  1. J

    make item unbreakable

    Hello!! Am trying to make a item to be unbreakable. In this case, a water bottle: water bottle named "§6§lBoBux" with lore "A relic only the worthy shale posses" If someone can help with the code to cancel any events that would cause the item to burn by fire or lava, cactus, explosions, etc...
  2. Ronnoc2w

    Unbreakable Tools 1.8

    Hello guys, I am making a BuildFFA Skript and I want to make the tools unbreakable. I have found a thread with umbaska but that does not work for me. Also I found a posibillity to do it with Skript dev-12b or something but that also does not work for me because version and stuff. So where I have...
  3. Navid

    i got some problems... and nobody helps

    soo, recently, i have posted 3 threads, and none if them have helped me, so please help me with them agian, here are some: unbreakable tool, with the nbt tag! give unbreakable dirt to player chat format, i need the group, like prefix or group "%group% %prefix%" on chat: cancel event...
  4. SoMuchWessel

    Solved Giving unbreakable tools

    Hey, I want to make a command which gives you a unbreakable enchanted tool. This is the code i have now: command /tools: description: get tools usage: /tools permission: tools.get trigger: add a unbreakable diamond pickaxe of efficiency 3 named "&bSuper Pickaxe" to...