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  1. E

    Rightclick event with item named

    Hey guys :D I tried a troll skript for admins that allows me to shoot fireballs with a stick named "Feuerball Stock" BUT i doesn't work for me.. Here is the code: on rightclick: if player's tool is a stick: if player's tool name is "&4Feuerball Stock": send message "debug1"...
  2. D

    Solved Skript Skellett Packet

    Hello i wanna make a Demo Screen troll in Skript. My problem is: what is the demo packet called? My Skript until now is: command /test: trigger: set {_packet} to new DemoScreen packet send player packet {_packet} Can somebody help me? Thanks :) thank you for answering...
  3. GrimEpp

    Script Troll.SK 0.3.5

    Troll.SK I am not supporting this skript anymore. is a fun skript that allows you to troll players. This includes many trolls, if you have any ideas send me a message on discord GrimEpp#1115 Depends on: Skript SkQuery (Link) (Included in the...