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  1. F

    add enchant

    Question : How do you add Enchant to player's tool? what I want) add sharpness 5 to enchant of player's tool
  2. J

    Custom drop for fortune enchantment.

    I'm trying to make it so the higher the fortune, the higher the the number, I have this setup but only works with fortune 1, no errors. on break of coal block: if player's tool is enchanted with fortune 1: cancel event set block to air give player 64 coal else if...
  3. couger44

    Solved Create a expression with skript-mirror

    Hi (Again). While I was creating a skript, it occurred to me to create an expression that is something like this -> json "text" with ttp "tools tip here" with cmd "/execute command here" to player(or all players) Of course, i need the API, but I want to create this to avoid the mess of...
  4. P

    On damage of tool or armour

    How can I do this? On damage of tool: if {ata.%player%} is true: cancel event On damage of armour: if {ata.%player%} is true: cancel event