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  1. C

    Solved Get seconds in timespan

    Hi. I'm trying to get the seconds in a variable containing a timespan object. set {_tdiff} to difference between now and {_start time} set {_seconds} to seconds in {_tdiff} The syntax above does not seem to work, I tried other expressions as well, like set {_seconds} to {_tdiff} converted to...
  2. HenryRenYz

    Accurate timespan to seconds

    Hi, I want to use the amount of time between 2 date to calculate something(for example velocity, accerelation, dps, etc.) but I found that it's difficult to convert timespan into seconds or ticks. I know how to convert timespan into seconds but that's too inaccurate on the last second, and...
  3. Marsbar

    Solved Remove timespan from timespan

    Hello there, someone there knows how to make this skript so there will come the needed time to be released out? Sorry for bad english:P Timespan: 10 minutes every 1 second: loop all players: if {jail.%loop-player%} is true: set {jail.%loop-player%.Tilbage1} to...
  4. CreeperOverLord7

    Solved Help, text and time span

    Hello! I'm having a problem with my skript, so basically, here's the code and the issue: command /tempban [<offline player>] [<timespan>] [<text>]: permission: command.tempban permission message: &cYou do not have permission to perform this action. trigger: if arg 1 is not...