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  1. Palgia

    API TimerAPI - API for cooldows and timers 1.0

    Easily manage player and global timers! Skript-reflect is required! An example file is included in the .zip, check it out! IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS: - ALL FUNCTIONS WITH 'ID' AS AN ARGUMENT MUST BE A NAME FOR YOUR COOLDOWN. - DURATION MUST BE SET AS A TIMESPAN. - Set a timer for a player...
  2. G

    Timer with skBee help

    I am making a game, where players get a random item every 10 seconds. So far, the code works but the bossbar progress doesn't go down, and there isn't any errors. please help and thank you! every 10 second: loop all players: if {BedrockTowers::%loop-player%.random} = true...
  3. SirMario

    Trying to create a script that gives the player a reward every 24 hours

    Hello, I'm having difficulty creating a script for my minecraft server. I want a script that gives players a reward every 24 hours if they log on that day. So basically a daily reward for anyone that logs in that day and it has a 24 hour cooldown after they've received the reward. This is the...
  4. SubSplash

    Solved How to set a variable to the amount of seconds in another variable?

    Hello! I need help setting a variable to the amount of seconds in another variable, for example: every 1 second: loop all players: if {timer.toggled::%loop-player's uuid%} is true: add 1 second to {timeinseconds::%loop-player's uuid%} command /converttimeintonumbers: permission...
  5. V

    Skript Timer Help

    I am trying to setup a system, where when a player dies, it will create a variable, equal to 1 real life day in the future. Then, it will create a variable that updates every second, with the time until that 1 day in the future. I need the variable to be formatted like "X Hours, X Minutes, X...
  6. Jonathan Cohen

    Game timer is not working

    Script Version: 2.2-dev36 Script Author: Njol Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Full Code: https://pastebin.com/UtFpp5TH I am making a skywars minigame using skript and I'm now working on the timer. The first stage of the timer works normal but when the timer hits 0:00 and goes onto 1:59 the timer just...
  7. S

    Script CommandTimer | Command Packet, use for players and admins, Cooldown,and more 1.0.1

    Command Timer For Player's use - If player doesn't have permission of command player can't use the command Command Timer For Admin's use Infinity Command Packets Infinity Timer Cooldown for Players Click and Open Github Waiting for you to share your problem and ideas
  8. PotteryTNT

    UHC Scoreboard Skript

    Category: UHC Suggested name: UHCboard (you can change it if you want) What I want: So on other UHC servers I see a scoreboard that consists of a timer, your kills, players left, current border and etc... I would like something like this made if possible as I own a UHC server myself and...