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  1. Georges

    Script ★ TicTacToe ★ v 2

    Required dependencies: - skript v2.4.1 - skent 1.9 - SkQuery 3.6.5 - skript-yaml 1.3.2 - skbee 1.1.0 one command /tictactoe or /ttt - Commands / ttt invit <player> / ttt deny <player> / ttt accepted <player> / ttt see <player> / ttt delete <player> / ttt setup /ttt spectate <player> -...
  2. P

    Script TicTacToe 1.1

    Hey everyone, i didn't have anything to do, so i made a little game for the players of your server. What is tic tac toe? Well i think everybody knows the game and how it works haha. for those who don't get a picture in their head here is a pic of tic tac toe of redstone made by myself...