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  1. G

    Async § thread - Help

    Hello I am looking for information about "§ thread" and how it works, and maybe some documentation on it.
  2. Estebon5

    Solved Need help; drop by mob with custom name doesn't work

    I've tried: on death: if victim's name is "Lv1 Pig": clear drops set {_drop} to iron ingot named "&fBasic Iron Ingot" drop {_drop} to the location 1 meter above the attacker on death: if victim's display name is "Lv1 Pig": clear drops set {_drop} to iron ingot named...
  3. WhiteWolf

    Dyed Armor in Chest GUIs (TuSKe)

    I'm working on BedWars shops and one of the things I need to do is make colored chestplates for each team's player. I've looked up multiple solutions on here like format gui slot 12 to leather (chestplate|tunic) dyed green and format gui slot 12 to leather (chestplate|tunic) colored green and...
  4. Duetro

    Skript "Variable save thread" error

    [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! Exception in thread Skript variable save thread [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [14:40:50]...