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  1. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    Block/Unblock Command on Server Skript

    Usage: /blockcmd [command], /unblockcmd [command] Example: /blockcmd help on command: if {blockcmd::*} contains command: cancel event send "This command is blocked." command /blockcmd <text>: permission: op trigger: if arg-1 is set: if...
  2. U

    is there a way to check the player's team in an if statement without any skript plugins?

    i'm making a capture the flag kind of minigame and i want to make it so that you can be killed if you arent on your teams side, i think i got everything else working but how do i check the player's team or is there an alternative?
  3. KingDooms

    Seeing other team's chat

    Category: Chat Suggested name: ITC(ImpossibleTeamChat) Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5 What I want: I want a way to see the chat from another team. Ideas for commands: /itc [TargetTeam] [TeamThatCanSeeIt] Ideas for permissions: itc.command When I'd like it by: 7 days
  4. J

    Capture Point Capping

    Im having trouble with a KOTH, so as long as a player is in the control point, it will keep adding points until it reaches 500, I have no trouble when players are no longer capping the point, but when they go back into the point it adds all the points that the player would have gained if he was...
  5. ItsWitherMC

    Color Team

    Hi, My name is ItsWitherMC! I'm making an UHC Skript but I'm stuck at color team!!! My idea is to make my team's color green and other team's color red like Hypixel I have search it in the forums and I found how to do it on tablist but I want to make it both tablist and nametag (above our...
  6. S

    Team prefix with Skellett

    Hello, I have a problem with Skellett adon: I don't know how can I set the prefix of my created team. I found this in SkriptHub docs and in the plugin's code. I've tried this: set scoreboard team prefix of "player" to "&8" But it doesn't work, this expression can't be found by Skript. Thank...
  7. SoMuchWessel

    Solved Random teams red vs blue

    Category: Teams Suggested name: What I want: I want that people can join a lobby. If there are enough people the game will start. This part is already done. I want that there are 2 teams: Red and Blue. After the game starts, i want that everyone in {game::lobby::*} is random assigned...
  8. S

    How do I make clickable text?

    As in, say I run /team invite <player> and they receive the message "<player> invited you to their team! Type /team accept <player> or click here to accept" How would I make the "click here" text run a command?