tab completing

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  1. KrazyManJ

    Remove skript:<command> from 1.16 tab completion

    Hello, today i found this thing, and i want get rid of this: I know, if player doesn't have permission for that, it won't appear, but with permission for command it will. I tried to do it with SkBee: on tab complete: if event-string contains "skript": cancel event but effect...
  2. G

    Tab completer

    Layout: Skript Version: 2.1.2 (yes ik very old) Skript Author: njolbrim Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 command /server [<world>]: permission: server.use permission message: §c§lSERVER §8» §cYou cannot use this command! trigger: make player execute command "mvtp %arg 1%" send...
  3. Slaim36

    Skript On Tab Completer

    Tab completer is the command's argument completer, in a manner of speaking, obviously. In this case we can complete the /gamemode arguments using the TAB key To use the tab completer in skript, we need a script with our command, this is the mine: command /gm <gamemode>: trigger...
  4. illusion

    Custom tab complete in argument

    How to make a tab complete for argument 1/2? Exemple: /nick [<tab>]: send "clear, name, skin, list" to player /nick skin [<tab>]: send "name" to player sorry for bad english, i'm brazilian
  5. HYPExMon5ter

    Script SlashSkEnhancer 1.2

    This script requires SkUtilities, and TuSKe Ever had trouble remembering a name of one (or multiple) of your scripts or just got tired of typing out the name of them? I know I have that's why I made SlashSkEnhancer, it allows you to tab complete Skript names (yes, it supports sub folders), it...
  6. UnscriptedCode

    Script SkriptCommandUtils // Tab-Autocomplete for /sk and more v2.1.3

    Adds very handy things for scripting to your minecraft server ---------------------------------------- Features: !!! CURRENTLY DOESN'T SUPPORT SUBFOLDERS !!! - AutoComplete for /skript reload - Script List Command - Permissions and so on are editable in the .sk File config - Working with Linux...