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  1. battlebond

    arg not registering

    so basically i have this basic /stats command that was working like two days ago but now when i try to reload the skript it give me an error and after testing a bit i think the arg wont register properly can anyone help with this? thx: command /stats [<player>]: trigger: send " %arg-1%'s...
  2. D

    6-digit code vault

    Hello iam trying to make a 6-digit code vault and if you get it right it will teleport u at a location (cords), and if not it will say "&4Wrong Code"
  3. D

    How can i make on death of player by damage function give attacker 1 diamond?

    on death of player by damage function give attacker 1 diamond, do someone know how to do it?
  4. J

    Solved solved

  5. J

    Solved solved

  6. B

    Skript How To Create Randomized Rooms

    Hi yall, hope your having a splendid day/night. However, I have been trying to make randomized rooms that connect to each other as they generate. Can somebody potentially help me with this? I run on version 1.19.4.
  7. IViddyy

    Ban Hammer

    Hi im trying to make a ban hammer with Skript.This is all i have for now command /banhammer: trigger: give player unbreakable iron axe named "&6&lBan Hammer" with lore "&4&lDa Ban Hammer" on right click with iron axe:
  8. P

    Umm.. Help

    Hey, so i have been making an Among Us in Minecraft but i have hit some roadblockers. My problem is that, is there a possible way to make a hologram or some kind of clickable thingy, if the player has the "task" they can see it. Like if {task1.player} is true then it shows?
  9. P

    Among Us Random Player

    Hey, i just wanted to ask if anyone had an idea on how to make a program that: Picks a random player from a specific list and then give them some kind of permission or like {impostor.(picked player).true} etc.
  10. Froaku

    Crop Hopper

    I'm trying to make a hopper that will pick up crops at a faster rate and only crops, I am trying to set it up right now for sugar cane only and I was gonna do the rest later. But I keep getting stuck on the part after loop-dropped-items in radius 3 of loop-block: if loop-items is "sugar...
  11. T

    Skript Help| Loop

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2 (dev36) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 if arg-1 is "list": loop {groups::*}: send "&c%{groups::*}%" How do i make this go like 1. Owner 2. Test 3. Test1 Instead of it going Owner and Test and Test1
  12. S


    What I want: I want like when you place ONE stonebrick, it will make a 3x3 wall at the location of the placed block Ideas for commands: No commands. Ideas for permissions: No permission. When I'd like it by: Any time. Other information: I don't use the new version of Skript so I need one...
  13. J


    Hello guys... So just before, i made a skript... there were some errors, so i added some plugins.... After i added them, i couldn't reload my skript, because when i typed in /sk reload cookie it just said: [Skript] Reloading An internal error occurred while attempting to perform...