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  1. N

    Help for skript creative item detector

    Can skript is detect the items we take into inventory from creative menu?
  2. N

    Why this skript is can't detect block place event?

    Hello I hope everybody have a good day! I try code a anti block glitch skript but if I place a block to a untrusted griefprevention claim, skript is can't detect my block place event and can't trigger my skript code and just give me normal griefprevention untrusted error(without trigger on...
  3. D

    Solved I dont know what is wrong with the skript it isent working pls help

    I dont know what is wrong with the skript it isent working pls help command /punish [<offline player>] [<text>]: aliases: /p permission: ban.use permission message: &cNo Permission. trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "&7[&cBan&7] &c/ban &7<player> [reason]" if arg-1 is set: open...
  4. D

    Error scordboard pls help

    Its error i dont know why pls help me fix it on join: while player is online: wait 3 ticks wipe player's sidebar set name of sidebar of player to "&a&lSkyGrind99" set score "&c&lWelcome" in sidebar of player to 14 set score "&e%player%" in sidebar of player to 13 set score "" in sidebar of...
  5. J

    Help me

    command /enchant [<text>] [<integer>] [<text>]: permission: timtheenchanter.jaydev permission message: "&e[Tim] I don't think so." trigger: if arg 1 is "protection" or "protect": arg 2 is set: arg 3 is not set: enchant the...