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  1. saad3mad

    Solved how to link an armor stand to the player

    EDIT: i am trying to make an armor stand ride the player and be able to move with the player, so when the player move his body the armor stand above it move to and be connected to the body area the "chest" the skript i used make the armor stand teleport to the player so its a bit laggy and...
  2. T

    I do not have this system

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if they knew why this did not work or have another way to do this. I'm sorry if English is bad but I'm from Argentina and I'm using the translator ;) I want to make it set if {_timer} has more minutes than {CCK.% Loop-value% .time.reward} but it does not...
  3. Sitieno14

    Script BreakPlaceBlock 0.1

    Rules: - Please don't remove "Plugin made by Sitieno14" - Don't sell this plugin - You are free to share this plugin with anyone, but do not claim the plugin as yours Contact: - Skype: sitieno14 Please if you find a bug contact me on skype reporting it and i will fix it with a new version...