skript help pls

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  1. C

    Push Players Away From Entity

    btw {_a} is an entity and Example: on right click: if name of player's tool = "&7[T1] Steak": if gamemode of player is not survival: cancel event else: spawn a armor stand 0.55 blocks below player with nbt "{NoGravity:1b}" set {_a} to last...
  2. Peanuttable

    Give player a item only if they have a certain item in their inv

    every 5 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player is in world "world": console command "give * diamond_sword 1" i am wondering how do i make it so the player will get the diamond sword only if they have a iron block named &bFactory in their inv
  3. J

    automatic chest

    Is there a scenario where we will put a gui on our items that will be chests in different parts of the world, and the chest will put multiple empty chests in different parts of the world with odds?
  4. K

    How to Multiply mob dammage

    Currently me and my friend are developing a server and i'm in charge of the pve realm how do i make certain mobs deal more damage then normal minecraft.
  5. CustomWorldYT

    Solved Skript help - If player name is, then...

    I have recently started to "code" in Skript because I don't know Java. I'm going to code a FreeOP mod for my server, I don't want to use original mod from <some free op server you probably know> because I think that I can do it in Skript. FreeOP servers (if you don't know) are servers when...
  6. W

    Solved Could not pass event EntityDamageEvent

    Im very new to skript and i just cant figure out why this keeps happening, I've tried reinstalling my spigot and skript multiple times, still getting this. Heres my simple error and the simple code. on damage: victim is player chance of 35%: broadcast "You started bleeding" i...