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  1. Yushaa

    How to make a netherite sword with the Name ''&dBlade of Gaia'' earn 1 sharpness level per player kill,maxxing out at sharpness 10?

    Can anyone make a skript that does this for me,it is fine if you dont want to or are unable to i'd really appreciate it though
  2. G

    Solved Grass wont drop custom items

    on break of long grass, fern, large fern or tall grass: cancel drops chance of 100%: drop wheat seeds named "&aSeeds" at event-block The custom seeds are dropped when I break ferns, large ferns, and double tall grass. But nothing happens when I break normal grass. I've tried many...
  3. N

    Increase specific weapons attack speed

    I want to increase a specific weapon's attack speed. For Example, a trident.
  4. D

    make a specific colored named item summon a shulker bullet

    so i have been working on a skript and for some reason it doesnt work even tho i think im doing it correctly could some1 help me with it? the skript looks like this: on rightclick: if name of player's held item named "<gold>Kyoshi Fan". summon minecraft:shulker_bullet
  5. Scan

    Variable {%event-block%} doesn't seem to work properly

    on break: add 1 to {%event-block%} add 1 to {%event-block%.%player%} message "%event-block% : %{%event-block%}%" I wrote the above syntax and broke the grass block once. The returned value was "grass block : 1". It seemed to be successful. But when I broke the same block...