skript 1.20.1

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  1. Z

    How do I make an if variable is skript?

    I'm new to skript and trying to make a basic plugin to learn, I'm trying to make it so that it detects if a variable is a certain value. I've done it like this: command selectbuff: if "{%player's uuid%.gotbuff}" is set to "Selected": stop else: my code blah blah blah But...
  2. E

    How can I make the tab list still show the player name but not in italic while in spectator

    I have code that hides the player, but I wish for it to still show the playername. Also I am not using any addons. Heres what I have: on gamemode change: if player's gamemode is spectator: hide player from players if player's gamemode is not spectator: reveal player from...
  3. P

    Victim of projectile hit

    Hey, im trying to make a "frozen scythe" that gives you slowness but i cant find the victim of projectile hit (Dont worry i made it shoot) on projectile hit: shooter is a player: event-projectile is an arrow: shooter is holding iron hoe named "&9Frozen Scythe" apply 1 second of slowness...
  4. Yushaa

    How to make a netherite sword with the Name ''&dBlade of Gaia'' earn 1 sharpness level per player kill,maxxing out at sharpness 10?

    Can anyone make a skript that does this for me,it is fine if you dont want to or are unable to i'd really appreciate it though
  5. R

    Blast Skript

    So I am trying to make a skript where when you break a block it breaks surrounding blocks using the player's tool. I am trying to make it so the player actually breaks certain blocks instead of it just using the tool of the player. I have some other skripts that wouldn't work if it just broke...
  6. S

    How to i test if something has been executed

    How do i test if the function above has been executed?? I am making a skript for a server where you can buy ranks with ingame money (essentials econemy). BUT if i dont have any money i can still buy the rank because the money simply doesn't get removed because you cant go minus. Please Help...
  7. crownowner

    Skript Request | Minecraft Event Skript