skript 1.20

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  1. phillysports2

    Varible displaying as <none> when there are mulitple names

    command /wl [<text>] [<offlineplayer>]: trigger: set {_player} to arg-2 set {_wl} to uuid of {_player} if {rank::%sender%} is "normal": NoPerms(sender, "SPECTATOR+") else: if arg-1 is "on": if {whitelist} is...
  2. WavexSK

    Offering [OFFERING] [PAID] Wave's Skripts | Cheap and fast!

    Yello everyone! My name's Adrian, but you can call me Wave. I'm a small game dev and Skripter for basic/mid level tasks. I'm 15, from Denmark and love dogs and cats. I speak fluent English and Danish and a tiny bit of German. You can check out my services on my Fiverr profile...